Defeating Diabetes Review

defeatingdiabetesreviewDiabetes has been a common menace that has been attacking people from every corner of the world. Unfortunately, people are forced to spend huge amount of money in pursuit of getting rid of the disease so as to be able to live a normal life again.

The disease affects people from both rich and poor backgrounds. As a result some people are even forced to watch as their loved ones take medicine prescribed by the doctor, but no positive results are encountered. All that makes people continue taking the drugs prescribed by the doctor, is just the faith they have in the doctor.

Fortunately, some of us are able to understand that nothing is ever impossible. A living example is Yuri Elkaim, who is a New York Bestselling author, and also a nutritionist whose methodologies have proven to be quite efficient. He majors in treating people with diabetes.

Diabetes has come a long way in rendering people sick to an extent that they may be rendered beyond help, but with Mr. Yuri Elkaim, you may be assured that you are in the safest hands possible.

What is the Defeating Diabetes Program all about?

This is a program with the sole aim of helping those that need help. By help, we mean those people out there who are suffering from Diabetes, and are in pursuit of a cure. People have taken drugs that are prescribed by the doctor, and many are the times that people are advised by the doctor to take in starch rich foods, in a pursuit to ensure that their insulin levels, but this has resulted in people gaining weight, thus their health is affected either way.

In fact this may make matters worse due to the weight imbalance, which is unhealthy. With this as the scenario at hand, a defeating diabetes program has been forced to take part so as to release people from diabetes, as it is curable by use of a very efficient and natural manner.

Who is the creator of the Diabetes program and why should people listen to him?

Mr. Yuri Elkaim is a nutritionist who decided to come up with the Defeating Diabetes program. For those who have suffered diabetes, and also those who have seen their relatives suffer from Diabetes and have not been able to formulate a proper way to camber the disease. It is clear to note that through the many years of visiting the doctor and checking the insulin levels now and then, we can all agree that even doctors and physician are unable to come up with a reasonable way to cure the disease without endangering the lives of the patients. But Mr. Yuri Elkaim seems to have conquered something that has been rendered impossible for quite many years. He has helped over 500,000 diabetic patients over the past 15 years.

It is wise to listen to Mr. Yuri Elkaim as he has been a victim of Diabetes, though indirectly. He was a victim, in that his father has been affected by diabetes. His father who had a quite lavish lifestyle, in that he would even smoke a whole cigarette packet on a daily basis, had all his life turned around by diabetes.

He could not even ride his bicycle anymore and he would barely be able to stand for long. It even seemed like his legs were pierced by needles whenever he stood up. Yuri Elkaim saw his father suffer for almost 5 years, taking Insulin, checking the insulin levels every now and then. Truly, it is a heavy burden to bear.

As compared to other diseases, his father had reached a level that seemed beyond curing. It was more like visiting the doctor every now and then for medical checkups, and drug refill in a pursuit to prolong his days on this earth. Luckily, Yuri Elkaim decided to pursue nutrition just after acquiring his undergraduate degree.

Fortunately, he was able to come up with a cure that was able to get rid of the disease completely, and within no time his father was able to ride his bicycle again, and was even able to get rid of his belly fat that is always rendered unhealthy and also a major cause of the diabetes due to the excess fat stored in the abdomen.

How does the defeating Diabetes Program Work?

Usually when a diabetic patient visits the doctor, the major advice given is that they should take fewer carbohydrates, specifically the white refined ones since they result in exciting the blood sugar, therefore resulting in a higher demand for the body insulin. The only thing that is never noted by the doctor is that not all carbohydrates are created in an equal manner. Advice concerning the specific diet to take is quite helpful, but not totally helpful. That is why Yuri Elkaim prescribes White starch that is in a category of its own.

White starch is a delicacy that every diabetic person can enjoy on a daily basis, and it will surely improve the body sugar, play a major role in weight loss and also help in insulin sensitivity. As a result, people suffering from diabetes can be able to enjoy food such as bananas and potatoes, but this can only happen when such foods are taken in correct doses. Such doses can only be prescribed by nutritionists such as Yuri Elkaim.

As compared to processed carbohydrate that have already undergone refining, resulting in insulin sensitivity and exciting the blood pressure, very many studies have indicated that resistant starch could be of high importance to people suffering from diabetes.

Studies have shown that not all the starch that we take in gets digested. Nevertheless, not all starch that is never digested caused diabetes. Starch that is not digestible is commonly known as resistant starch, and this kind of starch is known to have various health benefits. The various health benefits are as follows;

1. Improved insulin sensitivity.

2. Lower blood sugar levels.

3. Reduced appetite.

4. Increased weight loss.

Resistant starch works in a similar manner to fermentable, soluble fiber that always passes through the digestive system without being digested. Eventually the undigested starch reaches the large intestines whereby bacteria are able to now feed on it. When resistant starch is ingested by the bacteria, several compounds are formed by the bacteria, with one of the compounds being short-chain fatty acids, a fatty acid also known as Butyrate. The fatty acids produced by the bacteria are known to have very important health benefits.

In order to reverse the type 2 diabetes, good gut health should be observed. This is attributed to the fact that obesity and type 2 diabetes have something in common, in that they are both associated with too much unfriendly bacteria. Resistant starch has been proved to contain 50% lesser calories than the normal starch.

One of the properties of the resistant starch is that it is known to contain fiber-like properties. Addition of foods rich in resistant starch to meals also adds a feeling of fullness which plays a major role in weight loss because the appetite will be somehow regulated. The craving for food will be moderated.

Features of defeating the diabetes program:

In the pursuit to reverse the effect of diabetes, some steps as wells as certain diets are observed. The first component in the road to successfully cumbering diabetes is;

1. Taking the Super starch solution- A guideline is always given by Yuri Elkaim on how to prepare the white foods. The highly reliable white powder that is rich in resistant starch, probably more than any regular foods is simply added in form of tablespoons to water and the diabetic patient will be able to realize the results starting from a period of about 4 weeks. This is usually noted as the insulin sensitivity is always noted to increase to about 33%.

2. How to eat to beat diabetes- The major way of reversing type 2 diabetes is only by changing the lifestyle. Changing the lifestyle is majorly by monitoring the diet. As a result it has been noted that people have a serious problem as they do not know which types of food to take so as to cumber the diabetes.

Is the defeating diabetes program a scam? Of course, when it comes to medical issues, it is never good to joke with a patient’s life. This is because many people are looking for health benefits and even some have their lives hanging on the balance. Sometimes, we can say that some people seem to be surviving by God’s grace as some diseases such as diabetes are rendered incurable.

Mr. Yuri Elkaim is clearly not a counterfeit nutritionist. He has been able to assist over 500,000 diabetic patients worldwide over the past 15 years. Furthermore, his father is also living evidence that his methodologies are very efficient. This is a clear show that defeating the diabetes program is surely not a scam.

Is the defeating the defeating diabetes program suitable for both men and women? It is obvious to note that when it comes to nutrition, the prescription may vary according to an individual and gender basis. But all in all, the program seems to work well and efficiently for both men and women. This is a show that Mr. Yuri Elkaim has very efficient methodologies.

What if it does not work for me?

It is good to be optimistic about certain things, but at times not everything is able to be effective for each and every person. For those individuals who will not be able to gain positive results from Yuri Elkaim’s methodologies, they will be subject to a 60 day back money guarantee.


The white starch which should be taken in certain regulated amounts according to the prescription from the nutritionist, is of major help as it improves the vitamin D levels in the blood, and white starch will also play a major role maintain blood sugar levels. As a result, the kidneys will be safe guarded from falling off.

It is also noted that insulin sensitivity is increased so that body cells may be able to take in the important nutrients, and also the excess blood sugar in the body. Insulin sensitivity is noted to increase to about 33% 4 weeks after starting to take the white starch in the meals.

The appetite is also moderated, and as a result the uncontrollable urge to eat is no more. As a result, weight loss is achievable.

Fortunately, while being able to say good bye to diabetes, we will also be able to rejoice to many other things such as;

· No longer being injected by needles daily.

· No more expensive and catastrophic diabetes medications

· No finger pricking anymore.

· No longer visiting the doctor for disappointing tests one after the other.

· No longer being frustrated and embarrassed.

· No boring and tasteless diabetic friendly food.

The diabetes secret might save a majority of us. One thing that I have come to realize is that it is never too late. This is what keeps Yuri Elkaim waking up every day and being able to deliver my assistance to those who need it. Saving his father was a merely incredible deed, but this proved that Diabetes is not incurable. So. As a result we can finally see that diabetes is not incurable as some may assume.

As a result of the proper treatment offered, Yuri Elkaim’s father is now healthy and fit and is even able to ride on his bicycle very comfortably. Furthermore, he has even lost his abdominal fat as a result of undergoing the defeating diabetes program. For those in pursuit of more information, Yuri Elkaim has published various books that involve better diets that render us free from various diseases that are as a result of poor nutrition.

Truly, having a proper diet every day, is more of being able to stay healthy for longer. As the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We do all know that prevention is better than cure, so it is advisable to purchase books such as the All-day Energy Diet, that was rated among the best sellers in New York Times In 2014.


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