Is Toenail Fungus Contagious? KeraVita Toenail Fungus Review

Toenail fungal infections cause several concerns. Obviously, the discomfort and sometimes shame suffered by the individual with the infection is a huge concern. What about the people close to someone who has the infection? Should they be worried about getting it too? There are many things said about fungal infections. Take a minute or two to know experts’ answer to: Is toenail fungus contagious?

According to Mayo Clinic, anyone can get toenail fungus regardless of their age. However, older adults are the most affected. As nails get older, they become drier and more brittle, which results into cracks that allow fungal organisms to enter. A weakened immune system and reduced blood circulation also play a role in the development of toenail fungal infections.

WebMD’s answer to “Is toenail fungus contagious?”

Studies show that foot infections including athlete’s foot and toenail fungus can and do spread among people sharing close quarters. In one study, researchers used high-tech molecular biology techniques to trace the spread of dermatophytes (the fungus that causes most toenail fungal infections) within families.

WebMD states that this study provided significant evidence to answer the question “Is toenail fungus contagious?” and caution toenail fungal infections patients about the risk of spreading it to other family members. Moreover, WebMD advises that treating toenail fungus after its diagnosis is the best way to avoid this spread. proposes the following actions to reduce the risk of toenail fungus transmission:

  • Don’t share socks and shoes. Generally, avoiding sharing clothing is a good idea. It’s even more important to be selfish with your footwear.
  • Don’t reuse or share towels. Dermatophytes can live in damp fabric. Thus, a shared towel can become the medium for transmission of toenail fungus. Healthy people must separate their towels and clothings from that of fungus sufferer.
  • Dry the feet thoroughly after your shower.
  • Disinfect foot care tools before every use, or avoid sharing at all.
  • Avoid stepping into shower floors bare footed. Fungi can stick on the shower surfaces.
  • Apply antifungal sprays or powders to the inside of shoes.
  • Keep your feet well aerated by wearing breathable shoes.

Evidently, the answer to the “Is toenail fungus contagious?” question is a resounding YES.

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Is Toenail Fungus Contagious

keravita toenail fungus review

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  • Diabetic people can use it in consultation with their doctor.
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keravita toenail fungus supplement review


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