Why You Need A Futzuki Mat At Home

There are 10 reflexology zones in the human body. Futzuki matis designed with more than 2,800 reflexology points to cause relaxation in these zones. The massage mat uses an innovative healing design that uses certain pressure points in the feet to send pain relieving signals and induce relaxation to the entire body. It uses the science of reflexology which advances that the feet have nerve endings that connect to every other body part. According to this science, the body can be kept in balance so that it naturally heals itself. Research studies have shown that foot reflexology can increase blood flow, relieve certain symptoms, reduce pain, and create a relaxation effect.

By standing on the Futzuki reflexology mat every day, you can have your feet massaged gently and pain relieved naturally from various parts of the body. The reflexology mat delivers a quick temporary relief to pain associated with occurrences such as foot tingling. As a result, there is increased blood flow to various parts of the body including the kidneys and intestines.

Practitioners who use reflexology mats to massage people charge up to 40 dollars per hour. Basically, they’ll focus on pinpointing different parts of the foot based on where it’s paining. The Futzuki mat is very simple to use. You simply stand onto the pad and then move your feet around. As you move the feet, you’ll feel the reflexology parts massaging your feet. This action sends pain relieving signals to various parts of your body and you feel more relaxed.

Attending regular reflexology massages can be very expensive in the long-run. Have your own massage mat in your house and all you’ll need afterwards is a few minutes to stand on it every day and your pain problems are solved. Investing in a Futzuki mat for home use is an economical way of alleviating body pain, reducing stress, and improving your health.


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