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Many children don’t receive enough support at an early age because parents don’t know how to teach kids to read. It’s no wonder, therefore, that a significant percentage of children in the country are at risk of growing illiterate as they grow older. Your child’s education foundation matters a lot, and if you are leaving your child to the education systems and the teachers alone, you might not be that proud parent you always thought you would be.

how to teach a child to read

how to teach child to read

How to Teach A Child To Read – More On Reading Head Start Program:

Knowing how to read at an early age comes with many benefits. A child gains confidence in her ability to learn and this can be the biggest driving force for her success in education and future career. You, like many parents, are deeply concerned about how your child is making this crucial intellectual development – learning how to read. If you have been hoping to find reliable ways to give your child’s learning abilities a boost, see how you can apply the following tips when teaching your kid how to read:

  • The earlier you begin the process the better. Expert educationists encourage parents to read aloud to their children when they are very young. The child benefits in two senses at least. He will know from an early age that the little marks on papers that are words have a meaning. They will also get over the initial fear of reading, which holds back many children when they start reading on their own at around 3 or 4 years of age.
  • Choose reading text carefully. As your child begins to learn how to read, don’t be overtaken by your desire to see her succeed even more. Choose words that the child can read to avoid pushing too hard and discouraging her in the process.
  • Be a good example to them: Children watch and follow what older people are doing. Let your child see you reading even if it is for a few minutes every day. They’ll understand that reading is something good if dad/mom is doing it and this can greatly influence their readiness and willingness to read when it’s their time.
  • Sound individual letters and blend them together into words (teachphonics). This learning strategy has been proved to be one of the most effective ways of teaching kids how to read. You can also help them look at groups of words ending with the same sound – like word families and digraphs.
  • Help them identify letters in natural settings. You can paint simple words in big letters around the house – on a wall near his bed, for instance – or hang wooden letters as decorations. This can be a great incentive for the child to learn how to spell words.

There is a reading system that has been designed with such ideas and parents are saying it’s really helpful in teaching kids how to read.

The Reading Head Start, a thoughtfully structured and well-organized online English learning course uses phonics and other highly effective methods to help kids between the age of 1 to 9 years how to read. Would you be happy if your child was able to read flawless in 30 or less days? See below how this reading system works.

Some More information about the Reading Head Start

 The Reading Head Start is the creation of an experienced English teacher called Sarah Shepard. She has been teaching English for almost a decade and a half. You can give her a benefit of doubt when she insinuates in her introductory video that there is a missing link in the current education system. 14 years in a profession is enough for one to learn one or two things with certainty. Sarah’s motivation to develop the Reading Head Start came from her child’s not-so-good performance in reading, despite her being an English teacher. It must have been the embarrassment that sent Sarah to research on different ways of learning and she landed on the idea of the Reading Head Start.

How does the Reading Head Start work?

teach your kids to readAs the creator purports, this reading system makes reading easier, more memorable and more fun. It breaks down every word into letters, then teaches the child to pronounce the sounds of each letter individually before combining them back to form a word. The basic idea behind this program is to teach children to read using phonics.

This approach to reading is sensible as it reduces reading a whole word into first mastering the component letters and then bringing the letters back together. Once your child is able to learn the sounds represented by each letter, it becomes easier for her to read words containing the letter she has seen before. This means you son or daughter can even read words s/he has never seen before provided they contain letters s/he has already came across.

In addition, the course is structured in a very innovative way to make sure that the child’s full attention is arrested into the reading.

Who can benefit from the Reading Head Start?

If you can set apart 15 minutes every day for your child or children to help them learn, and you are patient, the Reading Head Start is definitely something you should consider. You should also be ready to commit a few bucks every month to retain membership and let your child continue benefiting from the early learning aid. Does this system sound to you like a great way on how to teach a child to read at home? Don’t jump to the Reading Head Start site yet. Let’s exhaust this review so that you make an informed decision about it.

Does the Reading Head Start Really work?

From the customer reviews we went through while compiling this Reading Head Start review, Sarah’s reading system seems to impress parents. Here’s what we deduced from different user testimonials:

  • The course helps children know how to read English faster so the child can read literature well ahead of her age.
  • Parents can see results quickly. Even if your child has been left behind by her peers in reading, she’ll quickly catch up with them and even surpass them.
  • The system is highly effective in helping children with dyslexia learn how to read

You’ve been struggling alone and kept asking: Where can I learn how to teach my child to read? Reading Head Start is a proven method that will enable you to support your child’s education at the best time. Once he gains reading momentum and confidence at this early age, there’s nothing that will stop him from getting grade A in his studies and earning himself a well-paying career. Just push that success button right now because it’s the ripe time for it – scientific studies have confirmed it.

reading head start review

Features of the Reading Head Start

i). User-friendly reading system for the parent and child

The reading system is extremely easy to use. You just have to sit beside your child and hit the play button. The video will show you everything you need know on how to teach toddler to read. Since the system is self-paced, your child can start learning at her pace and then improve later with time. For only 15 minutes a day, three times a week, you can help her complete all the four levels and by the end she’ll have made major milestones in her learning curve.

ii). ‘Fun with words’ series

The Reading Head Start is designed in a way to make reading as enjoyable to your child as possible. This series is full of fun games with words, its main intention being attracting your child to reading so that she develops a mindset that reading is fun and not a difficult experience.

iii). Interactive reading games

These are online games arranged in a series to add more fun to the reading experience. You realize that reading can be boring to children especially if they encounter something that’s difficult to understand. By making reading at home more like gaming, the child will be motivated to read and you’ll no longer have to force her to the study table.

 iv). Incredible reading shortcuts

You remember how effective shortcuts were when you were doing your studies? Sarah Shepard has integrated reading shortcuts that will help to lock words in your child’s memory forever.

Benefits of using the Reading Head Start 

  • You get full access to the course on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer. Loads of other information on how to teach kids to read is also available for parents.
  • Your child will obviously love the reading videos, workbooks, fun reading exercises and games.
  • The Reading Head Start has received acclamation around the world and parents are happy with the better grades their children are bringing home after using the system.
  • You are given a$1 trial period of 30 days to test the results of the reading system after which you will billed $37 per month for membership.
  • The Reading Head Start comes with a 100% money-back guarantee so it’s a riskless opportunity.

Should you purchase the Reading Head Start?

This reading system is for parents who want their children to start succeeding in education as early as possible – a requisite for a child to become well-educated.

Once you become a member, your child will enjoy endless interactive reading materials that will keep them amused and motivated always.

The system is completely online so you don’t need to download anything to hard disks or other storage. Your love for your child is definitely more than what $1 is worth. By trying out the Reading Head Start, you could be making the best investment in your child’s education and future…with only 1 BUCK!!. And in case you are not satisfied with the results you see after subscribing to a paid-for package, you can submit your concern and a refund will be initiated immediately.  This program has a 365 day money back guarantee. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by giving reading head start course a shot that could strengthen your child’s education foundation exponentially.

reading head start review


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