Does Futzuki Really Relieve Pain? Futzuki Mat Reviews

The Futzuki foot massage mat claims to be the best pain relieving reflexology mat. The information provided on the website indicates that the mat has over 2,800 reflexology points. As these points massage the foot, pain relieving signals are sent to the entire body. The mat massages heels, arch, pad and toes. It is said to relieve pain associated with foot tingling, plantar fasciitis, heels, and arches.

The design of Futzuki mat is based on the idea of reflexology. If you’ve ever suffered from chronic foot pain, you must have heard about reflexology. But other than the claims the manufacturer makes on the website, how else can you know whether or not the mat works? Futzuki mat reviews provide varied experiences gained from the use of the reflexology mat.

Individuals who’ve used the mat agree to the claim that the mat is designed with ball-shaped protrusions. It is on these protrusions that reflexology points are located. The protrusions are soft to touch but when you step on them you feel a gentle pressure. As you move your feet around the mat, you’ll feel the massaging effect on various parts of each foot. But why do you need to move your feet? Apparently, each of the reflexology point correlates with a specific point in the body. Moving your feet will facilitate the required match-making to increase the effectiveness of the massage mat.

In their Futzuki mat reviews, some users indicate that the protrusions are too hard and somewhat hurting. A solution for this is provided on the Futzuki website. If such is your experience, you can put on socks and you’ll get a better experience. Users who’ve applied this solution say that it works.

As you consider purchasing Futzuki reflexology mat, remember that it is meant to provide temporary pain relief. It does not treat any disease or medical condition. The website also indicates that results may vary, and that is confirmed by Futzuki mat reviews.

In conclusion, Futzuki mat does seem to provide some reflexology benefits but not all of them. It relieves foot pain and can increase blood flow and cause relaxation.


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